Flat Dripper Type Tube Extrusion Line

Salient Feature Of Flat Dripper Tube Extrusion Line

  • Equipped with melt temperature indicator & melt Pressure Transducer.
  • Whole System can support high line speed.
  • PLC based heating control system with touch screening interface.
  • Inbuilt servo stabilizer.
  • Inbuilt micro water chiller for insertion rod.
  • Servo Driven Perforation unit for accurate drilling with touch screen interface.
  • Two Station coiler unit with servo control
  • Totally indigenous.

Inline Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Line With Flat Type Dripper

  • Extruder Size/capacity
  • Dripper Insertion Unit
  • Cross Die Head
  • Vacuum Calibration Tank
  • Cooling Bath
  • Perforation Unit
  • Caterpillar Type Haul Off
  • Double Station Coiler
  • Total Connected Load
  • Space Requirement
  • 75 mm/200 Kgs/hr
  • SMT IDF 300 Insertions/Min
  • Specially Designed Cross Head For Flat Dripper
  • 5 meter Long, Stainless Steel
  • 15 Meter Long , Stainless Steel
  • SMT PDF One Hole/Two Hole
  • Max Line Speed:120 Meters/Min Two No.
  • 1000 Meter Coils Max Line Speed:120 Meter/Min
  • 72 KW
  • 45M(L) X 6 M(W) X 5M(H)

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